Monday, November 21, 2005

Why I Heart L.A.

Ok, so now that I'm officially moving, I'm getting all sappy and nostalgic about my adopted home of L.A. I really know that no matter what I do, I'll always come back here for at least a little bit of time. Whether it's from the writing thing or just to leech off of Brooke as part of her entourage, this place will always feel comfortable.

Not that it started out that way, mind you. I'll tell that story soon, but let's just say that moving to L.A. is like getting hazed by the worst fraternity imaginable. Once you get through the hazing, though, you are definitely a part of it all. Nobody's actually from here, so they have to develop a way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Anyway, this week's highlights are why I love L.A. Thursday we got to see Harry Potter thanks to my friend Amy's job. She works at the Children's Hospital here and a group named Reel Angels was able to get a preview screening even before the midnight showing. They work to bring movies that are currently in the theatre to kids who can't leave the hospital. I'm a total HP Nerd (among other types of nerd), so we got a big kick out of watching it.

Saturday, we had a wedding shower for my roommate and his fiance. It was down in a part of L.A. called Los Feliz, which is a few miles closer to the ocean than our apt. in Sierra Madre. This closeness means that even though L.A. had a random November heat wave (getting up to the 90s), we just had the windows open and the breeze made it the perfect climate for partying down. Even though Baton Rouge doesn't exactly get a winter either, I just can't get over the weather here.

Sunday I went to go see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It was an ok flick, but a big part of it was making fun of L.A. Until you actually live here, you don't get how much the movie/TV industry completely rags on L.A. It's like seeing this whole other level beneath the surface. Although L.A. really does have everything (except chik-fil-a), you can tell how bitter many people are that they have to live here and fight traffic and put up with celebrity buttholes on every corner. This makes for some very sarcastic humor, which is the best kind!

And last but not least, if it were not for L.A. I would have missed out on Matisyahu! This may not be for everyone, but a Jewish Reggae singer is too awesome to resist for me. Check him out, a lot of his stuff is very spiritual and is actually done well. I have the Live at Stubb's album and have listened to it non-stop this week.

Oh Los Angeles, how I will miss thee!


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Christina said...

Thanks for sharing.

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Arlen Texas!


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