Thursday, March 02, 2006

And Back to the Status Quo

Well, so my job turned out to be me making laps around Goodwood Hardware, straightening the store over and over and over, helping customers and never sitting down. Well, after 10 hours of this the first day and 8 hours the next two, my feet were red and swollen and my "pinky" toes were twice their size. I would get home and not be able to walk without lots of creaking and pain. I mean, I'm 30, but that's not supposed to be THAT old. All this for $6.50 an hour.

The original plan was to do this until I could find something else, but then a weird thing happened. They started counting on me. Apparently they had about 10 people in the past few months come in and leave within a month and asked me pretty much every hour if I was coming the next day. Well, two things became obvious. #1: I was not planning on this job being a long term commitment. #2: I was feeling more and more guilty every time I said yes. So I went to Kelly Services, whom I'd worked for before, on Monday. They set up a time for me to test on computer skillz and said they could find me something asap. So, I quit my other job because the guilt and my feet were killing me and I'm waiting on a new job. Conventional wisdom is that you don't quit one thing before you have something new, but they were getting ready to change people's jobs because of me and I just couldn't have that on my conscience.

So, back to being unemployed for the moment, but hopefully that will change soon. I don't want to get too depressing here, but there are parts of being in Baton Rouge that really suck, and the job market for anything other than what I could have gotten straight out of high school is one of them.